My goals for 2017

I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions. They never last with me. Seeing lots of resolutions from fellow #scicommers on twitter though, I thought about my goals for writing this year. What do I want to achieve this year? What do I need to do to eventually make the transition from lab to laptop?

  1. Read more! I definitely need to make more time to read. Reading good writing can only improve my understanding for language and therefore positively influence my writing. Not necessarily scientific papers (although that is a constant goal), but everything really. High up on the list is Carrie Fischer’s “Postcards from the edge”.
  2. Write more regularly. I have written about the importance of just writing before, but still making a habit of writing more regularly is high up on my list of goals.
  3. Putting words on paper for the sole purpose of putting words on paper is not enough thou. Editing what I write is equally important. But somewhat neglected. Self-editing is something I definitely do not spend enough time on. Looking critically back on “old” pieces and see how my style changes over time. See what I like, what I do not.
  4. Everyone tends to stay in their comfort zone – same is true from writers. I tend to choose similar topics: summaries scientific findings for the public or advice-type pieces for other early career scientists. It is what I know and can easily write about. This year I want to try out new styles– maybe interviewing someone, or writing from a more personal point of view. Also play around with language more. I tend to write long, convoluted sentences. I will make an effort to be more precise.
  5. Get involved with more awesome projects. At the moment I am working on a piece for Women of Science which I am very excited about. Making connections and spreading my work to a bigger audience is important to making this a career at some point.
  6. The big one last: I want to publish one piece and actually get paid for. In the end this is why I am writing, to eventually be able to life of it.

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